Interpretation refers to the practice of communicating and explaining the significance, meaning, and stories associated with cultural heritage sites, objects, and traditions to the public. It is an interdisciplinary field that combines elements of history, archaeology, anthropology, education, and communication to engage and inform visitors about the cultural, historical, and natural values of a particular heritage site or resource.

The primary goal of interpretation is to enhance the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of heritage for visitors, enabling them to make meaningful connections with the past and the cultural and natural environment. It involves the use of various interpretive techniques and tools, such as guided tours, exhibitions, signage, multimedia presentations, interactive activities, and storytelling, to convey information in an engaging and accessible manner.

Effective interpretation not only imparts factual knowledge but also encourages visitors to develop a deeper emotional and intellectual connection with the heritage site or resource. It aims to stimulate curiosity, provoke questions, foster personal reflections, and create memorable experiences. By providing context, narratives, and multiple perspectives, interpretation can help visitors develop a sense of place, understand the significance of cultural diversity, and appreciate the value of preserving and conserving our shared heritage for future generations.

Interpreters, such as museum guides, park rangers, educators, and exhibit designers, play a crucial role in facilitating meaningful interactions between visitors and heritage sites. They employ storytelling techniques, interactive presentations, and dialogue to engage visitors, encourage active participation, and promote a deeper understanding of the heritage being presented.

Overall, interpretation serves as a bridge between heritage resources and the public, connecting people with their cultural, historical, and natural heritage, and fostering a sense of stewardship and responsibility for its preservation.

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